Saturday, January 9, 2016

Happy new year!  I wish each and every one of you a happy and healthy new year.   

As always, I have my list of resolutions.  Perhaps I should just write "ditto" since they are always the same as the year before.  I wonder why I still even make them.  Do you?  Maybe the fact that we try to improve and better ourselves is a good sign, because if we didn't at least try it might indicate that we have pretty much given up.  

For some reason, possibly insanity, deep deep inside my heart and soul I always believe that amazing things can happen, that I can achieve my dreams and goals, and that all things are possible. Well, most things. I realize I won't grow 2 inches so I won't have to lose 5 pounds. Most likely my husband will continue to bang his head on kitchen cabinet doors left open and trip over my shoes lying in the middle of the mudroom where I kicked them off.  I really try to remember, but usually I'm somewhere else in my mind and just forget to do those little things! 
What does this year hold in store for all of us? Perhaps its best we don't know. And maybe, just maybe, it all depends on how hard we try to achieve our dreams.    

So, my dear friends, although so much has changed since my regular blogging days -  in some ways nothing has changed at all.  I am always embarking on many new adventures and would love to share them with you, if any of you are still out there.  Please let me know, because if you are and would care to hear my silly ramblings, I would love to again share my world with you!