Sunday, March 4, 2012

Serendipity Studio
Oh no . . . it's happening again.  I am smack dab in the middle of a huge project with multiple other projects started and waiting in the wings, and I find something else.  Seriously, is this the cutest thing you have ever seen?  I actually said that right out loud when I saw it. It makes me happy just to look at it.

It's not my fault.  I can't help myself.  Here's how it happened.  I was just minding my own business, taking a quick peek into Etsy, looking for a crochet pattern.  Because I love crochet.  LOVE LOVE LOVE.  I'm not really very good at it,or should I say experienced,  but I will attempt a few simple things now and then.  I actually searched crochet patterns for a sweater or shrug, (which I found by the way), and somehow ended up on this wonderful Etsy shop.
 I am ordering  these  purse patterns. I think I will make these for both myself and my sweet little granddaughter Hailey. 
And this little purse pattern I am going to get for Hailey to try to make herself.  She is just learning to crochet and also loves it. The pattern says it is a beginner pattern as well.  That is a little hedgehog on the purse.  How cute is that?! She wants to enter something crocheted into the County Fair this summer, and I think this would be perfect!
Last, but not least, was this "Spring Birdie" pattern  with these darling birds.  Ohmygosh.  I love these cute little birds. Can you hear me squealing?   I seriously need professional help.  I know I do, and I don't care. These last couple of years, when I hear myself saying weird things or do crazy things, or get mad at myself when I am not organized (or whatever it is I have determined is a flaw in my personality or character), I just shrug it off and tell myself it is part of my charm.  Yeps, that's it, just part of my charm. This will be  my new way of thinking about myself.  These things that drive me crazy about myself or my little um, eccentricities shall we say, are not flaws, but little things that make me uniquely me. 
I will make tons of these sweet little birds in pretty colors, and probably have them all over my Serendipity Studio!
Here is a link to the Etsy shop where you can find these patterns:  
She also has a ton of lovelyl photos on Flickr, here is the link:

Oh yes, remember I said how I started off looking for a VERY simple shrug or sweater pattern?  I found this.  I love it. Feels vintagey and fresh and fun to me.   It says it is very easy, beginner, and can be completely customized.  I will make it longer since I don't want my sweater to end right at my pudgy stomach.  Just a little longer will work for me, ending a few inches past my belly button is what I like best. These shrugs are so popular and so cute, but if you have a little extra somethin' somethin' around the waistline (like me) that you are self-conscious about (like me), then this shorter length probably isn't for you either!
I will probably make one in pink and one in a pretty shade of  teal.  No doubt there will be a crocheted flower on them with a pretty vintagey brooch or button in the center.  Hmmmm, maybe a little crocheted bird?  I'll let you know. 
 Here is a link to the shop where you can find this shrug:  

See, I got sidetracked again.  ADD, for sure! I meant to post about my progress in my Serendipity Studio. So here's what's happening.

We purchased the cheapest cabinets we could find at Menards, and I used a milk paint to try to make them look shabby chic.  Lots of painting and wiping back and sanding down, but I finally got a look I was happy with.
Luckily my son and nephew were home to help bring them in to the basement. Out from the pole barn, into the house, and down the stairs we go.

 I'm sure they were thrilled!

We got them up on the wall . . .

and added some under the cabinet lighting.
We put a little piece of trim to the cabinet bottoms to hide the lighting, and voila!  We have cabinets!

My husband painted and put up crown molding where the ceiling meets the wall on the outside foundation walls.  Not trying to be fancy, but you could see the insulation so it was necessary.  
I hope you are enjoying my little adventure.  Next step is the countertop.  See you then! 


  1. LOVE your new sewing/craft room! Can't wait to see it all finished.
    LOVE those little birdies! Are you going to make any to sell?!
    I would need a shrug down to my knees!

  2. Oh my goodness - those purses are adorable and I just love the little birdies! Your cupboards look great, it is fab to see the progress! Have a lovely day! Estelle x

  3. Ooh, all that crochet loveliness is making me want to learn even more Julie...everything is so pretty!
    Your studio is coming along wonderfully and I can see all your lovely men are still working hard for you...such a lucky lady!
    Hope you have a lovely week,
    Susan x

  4. How cute!! I just love the birdies and the adorable purses. Like you, I crochet, but am no expert. I'm working on a crochet rug and a poncho/shawl. I found both patterns free online (can't afford any etsy shopping until I get a job).

    Your cupboards look great. Can't wait to see the end result.

    By the way, I just love the music you have on your blog. I call it happy music, because it's hard to feel down & depressed after hearing it.

  5. Hi! I think you found some really fun crochet patterns. I like to crochet a little, too!
    The cabinets are up! Yay!

  6. Hi Julie!

    I'm doing some catch-up and am so happy to see the pictures of your studio. Everything looks great! It must be so fun to see it all come together.

    I loved the crocheted goodies you showed us. Oh if only I could pull something like that off. They are so adorable.

    Hope all is well in your corner of the world!


  7. Lucy,
    It's looking good!
    I love the cabinets and the pink and blue walls!
    The purses are too cute!
    you slay me...pudgy....WHERE?!

  8. Oh Julie - I share your love for crochet - am going to check out these shops immediately. I bet you are getting so excited - you room is coming along so nicely!

  9. julie, this is going to be a wonderful studio! and those little purses and birdies are freaken cute as heck! My favorite is the first one. love those colors together.
    I'm off to work now... blaaah!!
    but you have a great day!

  10. I see you like bright colors like I do! Yea! A kindred spirit! I can't crochet. I work on an old Featherweight. Love those though!

  11. The little purses are adorable such lovely and brite colors ... I love to crochet too..I don't know alot but somethings...happy day with love Janice

  12. WHERE HAVE I BEEN!!!!!!! life has been moving so crazy i have not seen these posts! first -- the snow is gorgeous! the craft space amazing! the cabinet extraordinary and this crochet creations are UNBELIEVABLY adorable!!!! i know why you are squealing!!!!! they are just toooooooo adorable for words!!!! excuse me while i go catch up on everything -- sending you tons of hugs and we have to talk me! : ) hugs my friend!

  13. I am with you, I saw those cute little purses and birds on Etsy this morning and promptly put them in my favorites. I only wish I could crochet, I am trying, although not very hard, to learn to crochet. They are just adorable and so bright.

  14. OK, where can I sign up for a crochet class???? (LOL) How absolutely adorable the purses & birds are!! So cheerful, I just love them! Love how your studio is coming along. Forgive me if I'm a little jealous!!! Thanks for your visit & sweet comment!! xoxo Jina

  15. Julie, those little bags and birds are so gorgeous. I am a basic crocheter also and will be going to have a look at that site. If I lived closer I would want to come and help you unpack (whether you wanted my help or not) just so I could relax in your beautiful new room. (I might have to get my passport out and dust it off)

  16. I just found your blog, and signed up as a follower. We have much in common. I know that you are really going to love your studio. I turned a bedroom in my home into one for me. I have had so much fun, decorating with found treasures. An old travel trailer would be great!

  17. Those little birdies are sooooo cute! I wonder if a terrible crocheter like me could figure out how to make them. It looks like your ctudio is really taking shape!!

  18. Julie, thank you so much for your latest comments--so sweet! I just ran across this post you did, months ago, and fell in love with these crocheted purses. I went to that shop on Etsy, and I'm so inspired by all of her goodies!! Hugs!